Palazzo Mazzetti is one of the most representative historical buildings of Asti and since 2000 is property of the Foundation Cassa di Risparmio of Asti.  After a complete and accurate restoration, visitors can nowadays visit a museum that offers diverse contents in completely renovated setups, which is suitable for security and conservation needs and provided with new equipments and spaces for activities: all these things make Palazzo Mazzetti a lively cultural centre and a totally accessible museum.
The elegant L shaped hall opens on the large staircase (18th century) that leads to the main  floor where the rooms in the west wing maintain the features of a noble and historical residence, the vaults of which are decorated with frescoes and plasters.
In the east wing the 20th century colours of the vaults and plasters have been recovered. The work was made during the last stylistic renovation in the 1930s when the palace became the seat of the Civic Museum.
The most  ancient rooms of the Count Giovanni Battista’s apartment hosts precious furnishings and paintings of the 17th and 18th century. The Piedmont painting of the 16th century is represented by the four panels of the polyptych of the Maestro di San Martino Alfieri, painted on both sides.
In the Hall of Honour La Femme by Giacomo Grosso stands out  for its size (2,95 x 1,60 metres) and value, a beautiful portrait, symbol of the Civic Collections. In the adjacent room the canvas by Lorenzo Delleani (2,87 x 3,92 metres) shows the Pilgrimage to Oropa Sanctuary (Pellegrinaggio ad Oropa 1895).
Among the most important collections we mention the one of the Rear Admiral Enrico Secondo Guglieminetti with Chinese and Japanese art objects, the antique cloth collection and the enchanting microsculptures by Giuseppe Maria Bonzanigo.
On the second floor there are the 19th century paintings, among which the watercolour Ruth by Francesco Hayez (after 1853),  the portraits of the Asti bourgeoisie after the unification of the country by Michelangelo Pittatore (after 1860) and Ambulanza Italiana  by Carlo Nogaro.
Next to Asti and Piedmont painters we can admire sculptures of Giulio Monteverde, Leonardo Bistolfi, Materno Giribaldi.
Contemporary art is well represented by the works coming from important Asti exhibits and from recent donations.
In the Gallery of the Coats of Arms, the installation “Un occhio di riguardo” shows details of the rooms, of the collections and significant portraits painted by famous Asti painters. The majestic images projected on the walls of the long gallery (more than 18 metres) come alive,  accompanied by an original musical composition. Totem and interactive, multi-touch tables, bookshop, educational room, library and photo library, archives, storages and coffee bar make the museum more usable and up- to-date.


Full price: € 5,00
Reduced price: € 3,00  (under 18s and over 65s, those entitled to relevant discounts),
Groups:  €  3,00 (from 10 to 25 people)
Schools:  € 3,00 “Guided visit + activity” or “only guided visit” or “only activity”:
Free entrance: Torino Piemonte Card  or Musei Torino Piemonte holders, children under 6s,  1 person accompanying the group, two teachers for each class, visitors with physical impairments and the assisting companion, tourist guides, journalists with press pass, police forces, ICOM card holders.

Guided tours (by reservation)
Groups (max 25 people) : 1 h € 60,00 for each group
Groups (max 25 people) : 2 h € 100,00 for each group
Single visitors “Domeniche a Palazzo” (every Sunday except on the last Sunday of the month): 1 h € 5,00  ( meeting at 3,30pm – start at 3,45 pm)
Tour for single visitors during the week: 1h 5,00 €

Attention: in addition to the cost of the guided tours, visitors will pay the entrance ticket

For Information and reservations:
Museo Civico di Palazzo Mazzetti – Corso Alfieri, 357 – Asti – Phone. +39 0141 530403