Sandro Cherchi’s sculpture and the paintings acquired by Asti Muncipal Council for its collections with the third and last Premio Alfieri (a review of figurative arts in Piedmont and Valle d’Aosta).

The canvases displayed are by Antonio Carena (ISSEL Landscape), Filippo Sartorio, Giacomo Soffiantino, and Enrico Paulucci (Shipyard, 1958). Annual exhibitions by artists brought the museum works by Amelia Platone and Gigi Quaglia.

The display ends with the paintings donated by Franco Muzzi on the occasion of the closing of an anthology of works by Corrado Cagli (1979), an artist who was a close associate of Muzzi (Cagli, present in Asti with solo exhibitions held in 1949 and 1951, and who was the art director of the Arazzeria Scassa from 1960 to 1976).

The works shown include Guttuso’s portrait of Corrado Cagli (1956); Mirko Basaldella’s Composition (1963); the Planet Garden by Sandro Vacchi (1972).