In this small room in the east wing, gilded stucco covers the pink and green vault like filigree, with female busts and putti holding a score and panpipes.

The 18th-century pier glass and the two overdoors of mythological subjects (Education of Cupid and Bacchus, and Ariadne) by painter Michele Antonio Milocco (Piode 1689/1692 – 1772) are from furnishings belonging to the Alfassio Grimaldi di Bellino family.

The 1937 restoration produced the red damask upholstery and wood panels depicting still lifes, attributable to Asti artist Ottavio Baussano (Asti 1898 – 1970). The armchairs of Roman derivation, handsomely proportioned and of French influence, are owned by the Fondazione Cassa di Risparmio di Asti.

Items from the municipal collections include the rare, refined 18th-century fireguard; the small oils and miniatures (oil on onyx Visitation of the Piedmontese school, late 17th – early 18th century); the pair of temperas on vellum of Judith and Holofernes, and Jael killing Sisera (by Francesco Felice Predessio, active in Turin in the first

half of the 18th century); a miniature portrait of a clergyman by Giovanni Felice Ramelli (Asti 1668 – 1741).

On the right wall there are two more devotional paintings encased in rich gilded frames: St Rosa of Lima with Christ Child and Saints Secondus and Anthony of Padua (by Peter Laveglia, Paris 1625 – Asti 1675), and a Madonna and Child with the Young St John the Baptist (1609 – 1615) by the more famous Guglielmo Caccia called Il

Moncalvo (Montabone 1568? – Moncalvo, 1625).