Salone d'onore

The salon vault is decorated with garlands of foliage that connect the lunette vaults of the windows opening onto the landing and supported by volute brackets. The wall ornamentation, cadenced by painted panels, dates to the 20th century as does the large Murano glass chandelier and eight overdoor panels painted with river and hill landscapes inspired by subjects painted in Piedmont in the 18th century. Salon furniture consists of a pair of wall-mounted tables made in southern Italy (mid-18th century); Piedmontese 18th-century sofa and armchairs purchased in the 20th century by the Cassa di Risparmio di Asti).
La Femme (1895), a large painting by Giacomo Grosso (1860 – 1938), hangs at the centre of the south wall, a typical example of municipal collections. The side walls are hung with two masterpieces by the Genoa artist Valerio Castello (1624 – 1659): The Death of Lucretia (1650 – 1660) and The Rape of Helen (or Hecuba) (1660s).
The large panels placed next to the doorways form temporary exhibitions of municipal collections paintings or works on loan.