The last room in the east wing – whose 18th-century stucco decoration appears similar to that of the wing built by Benedetto Alfieri – is home to the four surviving panels of the 16th-century polyptych donated to the municipal collections in 1947 by the Marquis Giovanni Visconti Venosta, son of Luisa Alfieri di Sostegno.

The designation “Maestro di San Martino Alfieri” dervies from the previous location of the panels, in the chapel of the castle of the same name in the centre of Asti.

The panels are painted on both sides and depict: Our Lady of the Annunciation and Visitation; The Nativity and Lay Devotees; The Assumption of Our Lady and Lay Donors; The Coronation of the Virgin with the Holy Trinity and Ecclesiastical Devotees.

This room leads into the Salone d’Onore, the first of the east wing rooms, which was built in the mid-18th century to designs by Benedetto Alfieri.

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