The penultimate room of the west wing retains part of the original vault stucco decoration, including medallions and the fresco of Venus and Cupid.

The painted cornices have faux stucco dating back to 1940s decorations. The portrait gallery exhibits items from municipal collections that include a Portrait of a Lady by David Richter (Stockholm 1662 – Vienna 1735); Portrait of Giuseppe Amico Count of Castell’Alfero (by an unknown 18th-century Piedmontese artist); a Giacinto Vinay pastel portrait of Sophie Giordano Clerc (Turin 1778 – 1829) dated 1813.

Then there follow the portrait of Abbot Luigi Camillo Goltieri (by an unknown French painter active at the beginning of the 19th century) and a panel by Modena artist Adeodato Malatesta (1806 – 1891) depicting Sir Thompson.

Works by Genoese painters include the portraits of members of the Zoagli family (Portrait of Nicolò Zoagli, 1640 – 1649; Portrait of Vincenzo Zoagli, mid-17th century), while the Genoese senator portrait is attributed to Giovanni Antonio Vaymer (1665 – 1738) and dated late 1600s – early 1700s.

A Louis XVI- style pier glass hangs above the marble fireplace.