The last room in the central wing displays a selection of the 1600 – 1700s collection of paintings.

One is the ancient oil on copper dated 1588 and signed by Lavinia Fontana (Bologna 1552 – 1614) from Asti’s most important private 19th-century collection, the Palazzo Ottolenghi picture gallery.

The selection also includes a 1600s Veneto St Simon; works from the Genoese school like Christ Carried Out of The Praetorium (17th century); the biblical tale of Balaam stopped by the angel (The Donkey of Balaam); lastly, The Adoration of the Magi from a Venetian-Cretan workshop of the 18th century.

The west wing rooms are accessed through a small hallway with a portrait of Niccola Gabiani (Asti 1858 – 1949), a connoisseur of Asti’s artistic heritage and history, on which he wrote numerous works. The canvas was painted in 1930 by Anacleto Laretto (Grana 1874 – Asti 1950).

The Camerino and the Insignia Gallery are off the right of the hallway.