The decoration of the insignia gallery shows the restoration sponsored by the Cassa di Risparmio di Asti after it purchased the building in 1937, created for the planned Mostra d’Arte Astigiana exhibition which opened that November.

For the exhibition the painter and decorator Ottavio Baussano (Asti 1898 – 1970) painted the panel Asti in The Mid-1300s, located on the right of the gallery, and which was a huge success during the celebration of the medieval city’s glorious past.

The upper frieze, with the insignia of all Asti’s municipalities, celebrated the recent establishment of the province of Asti (1935). The vault with its faux architecture and stucco decoration, which in part mimics Alfieri’s decoration of the mansion’s staircase, is linked to the work of restoring the 18th-century style of that time.

This gallery of coats of arms offers a pause in the museum tour, and the walls show multiple videos entitled “L’Occhio di Riguardo”, an overview dedicated to the building’s decoration and collections.

Through images, animation and sound, the visitor is not only invited to explore the museum, but is also taken on an inspiring journey in time.

The entrance to one of Palazzo Mazzetti’s most opulent interiors is on the left.