The Palazzo Mazzetti Foundation, based in Asti, Corso Vittorio Alfieri 357 at Palazzo Mazzetti, is a legal person governed by private law with full statutory and management autonomy and it is of unlimited duration. Established on January 13th, 2012, it was created with the task of pursuing the activities undertaken by Cassa di Risparmio di Asti Foundation, original founding member, and of creating a center of cultural attraction for the whole territory.
The Foundation operates principally in the Province of Asti, as “no profit” organization and does not distribute any profits, and pursues – according to the guidelines and policies of cultural policy adopted by the founder of the original and those who adhere to the Foundation – the purpose of conservation, maintenance and enhancement of cultural goods received or acquired in any capacity, as well as the management and development of organisms, museums and cultural activities, in consistency and continuity with the historical functions and the specific missions of the Palazzo Mazzetti in Asti, home of the Museum and Art Gallery civic.
Within its purposes the Foundation seeks to achieve, in cooperation with third parties, the best enjoyment by the public of the cultural heritage and museum activities and assets of the territory of reference: the organization of exhibitions, as well as studies, research, scientific initiatives, outreach or educational production activities, in collaboration with the school system and university and cultural institutions and Italian and foreign research; the organization of cultural events and activities, also related to particular aspects of the property, such as, the recovery and restoration; the organization of cultural routes, identified by the connection between different cultural and environmental heritage, in collaboration and coordination with authorities and bodies responsible for tourism and museum system of the reference area and aims objectives in the areas that the original Founder identifies from time to time in line with its institutional activity.